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    4. 公司介紹

      Department introduction
      Changshu Tongrun Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd.(Originated from Precision Sheet Metal Department) was established in 2014, with registered capital 21.7 million RMB. The company is specialized in precision sheet metal and mechanical&electrical fabrication, which is under supervision of Jiangsu Tongrun Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. Currently, the company has totally 230 employees and has over 30 engineers for mechanical, electrical and software. Based on the research and development of precision sheet metal, the company provides the global customers with product development, product fabrication, quality management and logistics transportation services, combining with various resources such as product design and manufacture. We have already developed various kinds of IT cabinet, industrial cabinet, outdoor junction control box, safety storage cabinet, and medical storage product, etc. At the same time, it provides one-stop service for medical, electrical, chemical, mechanical, electronic, intelligent equipment and other industries from precision sheet metal to finished product assembly. The company also has rich experience in production and assembly for other non-standard OEM sheet metal, enclosure, structural parts and related mechanical and electrical products.

      Company has the world's advanced sheet metal, welding, painting, polyurethane foam and other processing equipment and several production assembly workshops, which mainly include sheet metal assembly equipment, such as Amada CNC punching machine, CNC bending machine, laser cutting machine, Bytronic laser cutting machine, Bytronic CNC bending machine, Salvagnini CNC bending center, large frame type sheet stamping hydraulic pressing machine, CNC cutting machine, Murata sheet metal flexible assembly line, Murata CNC punching machine, etc. Welding and riveting equipment, like spot welder and suspension welder are imported from Japan. Panasonic CO2 gas shielded welder, aluminum welder. ABB welding robot system, US Haeger riveting machine, English Tyler stud welding machine, etc. Germany Wagner and Swiss Jinma automatic electrostatic powder coating line. Italy Cannon S.p.A. PU high pressure foaming machine. Assembly testing workshop like dust-free electrostatic prevention line, electrostatic prevention assembly workshop, constant temperature testing workshop, 110v/220v constant temperature and humidity testing workshop, etc.

      Our quality is guaranteed by strong R & D strength, advanced processing equipment, standardized internal management. Our products are very popular among customers and we established cooperation relationship with ABB, Siemens, Emerson, GE, Coca-Cola, Nokia, Carrier, Howard, etc.

      The company adhere to the business philosophy “sincerity as the foundation”, we will be pragmatic and innovative to repay every customer with first-class products, first-class services.