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    4. Strength of Tongrun

      Tongrun focuses on independent innovation and develops new products with independent intellectual property rights on the basis of existing products and combined with market demand. The company will take "high grade" and "specialization" as the product development goals of the future stage, and take humanized design as the requirement to improve product grade, constantly optimize product structure and function, and combine some new and high technologies with toolbox cabinet in order to improve technical content of product.

      In order to maintain the Tongrun's technology innovation, improve the level of technology, and continuously improve the competitiveness of the company's products, based on its own advantages and combining with industry characteristics and market development, the company takes technology development as its banner, introduces, digests and independently develops new technologies and equipment, improves the company's technical level, and ensures continuous innovation of the company's technology from the system, so that our company always leads the domestic market in product design and development.

      In the future, the hot-spots for the development of China's toolbox industry mainly include: Professional tool cabinet combo, premium stainless tool cabinets, heavy-duty tool cart etc.

      20+ 從行經驗
      Technical center experts, master talent and senior technical talent accounted for 27 percent of the total.
      Research and development ability:
      Provincial enterprise technology center
      utility model patent,
      design patent
      Advanced facilities:
      Amada CNC punching machine,
      Salvagnini P2lean compact panel bender,
      Bystronic laser cutting system
      Our company mainly produces steel toolbox cabinets and sheet products, 90% of which are exported to European, American and Japanese markets. The company attaches great importance to the introduction, use and training of scientific and technological talents, carries out the employment strategy of "retaining key talents, bringing in urgently needed talents and reserving future talents", and strives to cultivate a research and development team with reasonable structure and excellent business quality and technical leaders. After ten years of efforts and steady development, there are 59 employees in the technical center, among which there are 10 experts, master's talents and talents with senior technical title, 6 talents with intermediate titles, accounting for 27% of the total number, and also won the honorary title of "Suzhou enterprise technology center". The company's annual research and development funds account for 3% of the company's sales revenue, so that our company's research and design capacity is constantly enhanced and improved.

      Since the establishment of the company, the company has been paying great attention to information construction. In product design, the company generally uses three-dimensional computer software for design and development. All information in product design is processed by computer. Intuitive three-dimensional model is used instead of the traditional two-dimensional design design, sample correction and repeated trial production development process, which improves the design accuracy, shortens the development cycle, and makes the product standard and quality more stable. The company also uses PDM technology to ensure the rational and orderly flow of design data, reducing a lot of repetitive labor.

      In process design, CAPP system is adopted to automatically generate process card catalogue, process route card and so on, and finally generate the process file of the whole project.

      Tongrun keeps track of cutting-edge technology in the market, closely integrates market demand, and constantly improves the company's technology research and development system. By increasing investment in research and development and cultivating multi-level technical personnel, the company's technology development and innovation capacity has been greatly improved. The company mainly adopts the research and development mode combining independent design and cooperative design.